A Simple Creole Beach Cottage

Spending a day at a resort and vacationing in the serenity of the Bay of Noiron is like sinking to a hotel where the feeling to drift on waves is charming and relaxing. It is one of those moments when one wakes up with the beauty of the only thing missing in you. It is a perfect feeling if one wishes to obtain a feeling of genuine relaxation and at the same time embrace a different environment.

The beach is the perfect place for such a retreat and plenty of people who come here for the weekend want to spend time alongside with the others and enjoy the magic of the strong wind and raindrops of the surrounding islands. The fabulous beach of Noir does not have a permanent homogeneity, as it is surrounded by other moving waves, so it is spread throughout the region.

It stands out with a view of the Black Sea and the charming Lagoon District and its tourists fell in love with its unique style, beauty salon and relaxing cafés during the weekend. Its white-cement roof façade is interrupted by windows at different heights and the interior becomes spacious and open, in a very pleasant and inviting manner.

A main area of the residence designed by Anna Maria Inoue and Eduardo Lorenzino is the kitchen. The modern design and combination of shapes and forms are really beautiful, taking advantage of the views of the Black Sea and the villas outside. Wood always enhances the cozy and welcoming feeling that the two are talking about when talking about the sea.

A woodal floor is present in all the social spaces, inside and outside and the dining room and workspace are enveloped in this same woody style.A sculptural staircase leads to the master bedroom which has an opulent and elegant design, other bathroom cabinets being entirely white and where they can be adorned with silver and other stunning silverware.

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