Beach House Designs – Simple, Modern, Australian Architect Designed Homes

The Beach House is a modern home designed by Australia’s James Stockwell Architects. Siting on a 5.5 acre lot, this single-family residence caught the eye of the architect back in 1996. Its unique design makes it a modern home, one that pleases the beach lovers of Clearwater Modern Beach House. This vacation home features glass walls, a huge swimming pool, a guest house, an exercise room and a garage for four.

The modern house provides simple, elegant architecture that connects with the landscape. It incorporates the bay and the mountain into one fluid design. The main house is built of glass, which fills it up and gives the house an open and spacious feel. The concrete structure is complemented by steel beams, structural insulated panels (SIPs). Farther back than that, the beach is a comfortable place to relax in.

The concrete structure takes the shape of a rectangular box, which is capped by a skylight that brings a beautiful cantilever to the building. The living areas are situated on the level of the main building while the bedrooms and the home theater and terrace are situated above the games room.

The living room and dining room have large glass windows, as well as a glass ceiling. A deck extends the length of the living space, providing a great place to relax in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore the deck is accessible from the second floor terrace that looks over the living space.

All in all, the Everingham House is a stylish, elegant and comfortable vacation home that you will enjoy every single day, for a long or short term. What do you think?

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