A Stunning Glass House Inspired By The Sloping Field That Surrounds It

This beautiful house is Casa Alta, an exclusive and remote site located in Santiago de Chile, in Chile, at the heart of the stunning and extraordinary sloping field that embraces the place named “Pachanas”. A flag-shaped beach site surrounded by mountains and forests is imposing in the geography and the place is naturally representative for all the factors that shaped it.

Glass House

The house was a designed by BAKO Arquitectos . It’s located in the city of Santiago in southern Chile and it has a very interesting relationship with the terrain and the amazing views of the mountains. The house features two sets of stairs that go up and down and it’s organized on two floors.

A Stone And Glass Country House Half-Hidden Behind A Slope

To access the main floor you need to go down a hallway. On the first floor that’s actually a wine cellar. One could enter this space from the living room that opens up and it can completely take you into a library or any other room of the house. To the south the house has a patio that offers shade for the kitchen, dining room and living room. On the second floor are the bedrooms and at the end of these rooms is a multi-purpose area that can be easily transformed into a playroom.

A Stone And Glass Country House Half-Hidden Behind A Slope

The most beautiful thing about this structure is the fact how uncluttered and fresh the colors and simple and neutral actually looks throughout the pavilions. It’s all a big grid concrete that can be seen all over the place. The raw concrete is visible both in the terraces overlooking the sandy beach or in the gabs that can be found all over the pavilions. There aren’t any overlaid designs that can be seen here.

Slope Roof House With Futuristic Interiors

Philip Johnson, Simón García · Glass House

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