A Unique Container by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

A truly unique container is what we all want when we try to master architecture in our own field. Decorating our houses with our own preferred styles is not always easy, especially when you are already pretty famous or you have never had a project in your recent life.

Container Home By Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

Benjamin Garcia Saxe presents us the first type which is a wonderful container design. You can notice metallic containers on different levels of the house. You may notice the heft of the galvanized metal chest on the left side of the container. The wooden bar below also embellishes the room. It represents a scrap metal garage door.The scrap metal material within the panel of the metal container is reused and fitted with hundreds if not thousands of reused parts.

Containers Of Hope Ideas

The scrap material within the panel also complements the look of the metal cabinet. The unevenness of the panel and its angular features create a dynamic that fits various needs .The scrap metal container has multiple pictures on the inside that make the artistically create the space.

Containers Of Hope, Home By Benjamin Garcia Saxe

The scrap metal container matches the tabletop of the metal cabinet.

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