A Unique Vacation Home in Canada –Cape by Reisentremligen

From the heart of Valle de Bravo in Canada, you’d get to view the largely undeveloped landscape of the Miwak Whistler’s Rocky Belt Cottage. This single-family residence was designed by Canadian architectural firm Reisentremligen to take full advantage of the uneven terrain and the views.

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The result is a unique style of vacation home that combines contemporary styling with carefully considered interiors, all featuring a stunningly shaped patio, skylights, and ever present balconies and overhangs. The home itself is a spectacular space, with multiple terraces that offer flexibility and privacy at the same time. Explore living areas and enjoy the “natural” as well as the “epod” of views, as the “views” of the property are framed by its decks, windows and patio walls.

A Unique Vacation Home In Canada –Cape By Reisentremligen

In true form, this cottage is a vacation home of compelling proportions, done in a style perfectly suited to its location. Like its neighbors, the home features two primary zones located on opposite ends: one end on the Hill, and the other on the East. Take a tour of the home’s specific spaces, and you’ll appreciation its main attraction – the pool, the garage, and the picturesque views due to the natural landscaping of the property.

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