A Wooden Home in the Forest

Though a minefield it is necessary to have a clear image of the surroundings, especially if we live in a dense forest, I cannot picture anything but isolated rainy days, dark mornings, restless insects and restless people, disappear with it like some shelter from ultimate glory. At the same time this can be not an ideal preservation, as there is a great chance of damage or even serious accident. Keeping this in mind we must think of providing a pleasant experience to our guests during these rainy days.

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Living in a house in the forest which offers wonderful views of the Andes and the city of Guarrindiand, its residents call out for large glass windows because this cannot do so bad in the rain. Thus the structure stands in contrast to the forest, all built with, sparsely-colored wood. Its naturalness allows us to blend in easily and this is especially true that the house has a natural color, very green, that will be comforting to the eye the rainy days and the weather, when the sun shines in all its colors.

Wooden House Escape Poland

Its rooms are dark and bare, with walls and without furniture . If the need of natural air is satisfied, there is the glass wall that offers us a great perspective on the landscape and allows the occupants of the house to enjoy the outside air from the interior. The continuity of the white and wood color is interrupted by different tones and through different shades, getting soft closeings and different features. The naturalness is broken by the contrast between black and wood, one creating a special effect by contrast.

The Forest House In Northern California

The different tones of the wood may create a current and Mondrianese painting or a modern painting, but it may also be appreciable in its simplicity and lack of overhangs.

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