Am Actually the Entrance to Another World in Brazil

The architects from SAOTA designed the new architecture office of the Gago Apartment in Bragança Paulista, Brazil. One of the most interesting and beautiful offices for the company is that of the João Paraiso’s state-owned company, S.A. Apartment. Among the many other changes that have been made during the past years, we can mention the constant presence of concrete, wood, steel and glass. This combination has been preserved as part of the strategy of planning the office.

SAOTA Designed Sunset Home

The goal of the project that inspired this minimalist structure was the maximize the relationship between the user and the environment, the perfect design that focuses on simplicity and efficiency. The building is located in Ch`s north, which is , most of the way, towards the road. This distance between the house and the open space is very important. The office’s access is also respected and given, that is, the movement of air between the open plan space is becoming more fluid.

The landscape became less isolated from the interior, being excluded from the outer space by closed architectural volumes. These two volumes contain the kitchen, the living room and the dining room, but also two large windows. This lets in plenty of natural light, with the neutral color being emphasized by the transparency of the glass. It also provides beautiful views of the surrounding area, with the sea and the mountains in the background.

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