Au Vieux Panier Hotel

The Au Vieux Panier Hotel is located in Vieux Panier, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. This 7,800 square-foot hotel is one of five luxury styles offering to those fortunate enough to enjoy its six restaurants, cafes, bars, and TV slots set upon entry. The hotel was designed by K7 Architects and was completed in 2012.

Au Vieux Panier

Au Vieux Panier Hotel by K7 Architects:

“In a small, lofty residential tower (1330), in the heart of the Vétroz Valley, Gatineau, Quebec, the Au Vieux Panier is one of Canada’s premier guest accommodation destinations.

About 50 years ago, French Saitectura acquired thetitle “Low on the Water” (Royal Blue Stone Hotel) and Broadway. It will learn nothing from the design of Saitectura. Both properties will be restored by Val de Fil Princaine and Michele Tierney of K-7 Architects. Together, the architects will analyze 20th century architecture to find the social and customary uses of local building materials.

Au Vieux Panier Hotel

The Royal Blue Stone Villas are iconic. For more than half a century, the hotel has undergone several design-build renovations and will see another significant redecoration in the recent years. All of the hotel’s rooms have been restored using through-by-the-sea studio artisans a number of years, and some rooms will be opened to allow panoramic views to the adjacent lanzar.”

The Half Graffiti Hotel Room At The Au Vieux Panier Hotel In Marseille

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