Bar Counter Range by Costa Calsamiglia Arquitectura

The Bar counters collection from Costa Calsamiglia Arquitectura simplifies the whole design of this kitchen. It features straight, neutral and modern lines and a simple and yet sophisticated design. Structurally, it’s a simple but also sophisticated collection. Structurally, it also features a metallic structure that contains an array of bar counters placed symmetrically on either side of the kitchen sink.

Bar Counter Range By Costa Calsamiglia Arquitectura

Entry is in by the simple but very functional kitchen cabinet, by the straight but very beautiful staircase. It’s simply very space-efficient and also very functional, incorporating a very large counter in the middle helping you maximize your prep or serving space.

For those who loves contemporary designs and modern ways, this piece from Franca Due creates also a counter that internalizes the glasswork. This element is very common in modern and contemporary kitchen and dining areas.

Mini Bar Counter Design

The combination resulting from the stainless steel professional appliances and design features of the kitchen cupboards plus the chromed finish put the final touches on the entire collection.

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