Bathroom in a Suitcase by Elisa Manelli

Bathroom in a suitcase is an interesting fact and there are lots of very interesting and creative ways when transforming this room into a space for one. In this case, the bathroom was designed by Elisa Manelli. She managed to combine a practical element in one an extremely simple one.

Bathroom Decor By Elisa Manelli

The innovative bathroom furniture presents a simple and subtle feature. The vanity is actually an extension of the mirror and the cabinet. The mirror covers the actual counter, giving it a delicate and curved look. The cabinet hides a simple and functional storage space, with space for cloths, towels and all sorts of other accessories. The cabinet is actually not just a simple piece of furniture. It’s also cleverly designed. It’s a compartment that is great for towels and bathroom items.

Bathtub Elisa Manelli

The interesting semi-circular shape was derived from the fact that the middle part of the cabinet hides a shelf. It can be used for any purpose and the shelf is completed by two hooks and some storage containers. The two hooks can be used to store all kinds of items from blankets, towels, toiletries to cutlery bags and even kitchen utensils. The overall dimensions of this minimalist and clever bathroom are 55 (Wmi) x 34 (Td) x 72 (H).

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