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The Lasko House is a modern residence designed by Despangen. It’s a project that took 2 years to design, 2 years and 15 days to complete. The total cost of the project was $98,000 and it’s not something simple by the way anyone would agree. The result was a beautiful single family home with an interesting and captivating exterior.

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The house is divided into two volumes. There’s the main house and an expansion that could potentially create two additional volumes. Both volumes have similar functions and they communicate freely with each other without closing off the spaces. The houses share a few common details such as the fact that large windows and glass panels were used in between and once again they force open the house and give it a more spacious feel.

Beautiful Houses Interior Design Tips For Small Or Big Homes

The expansion houses two bedrooms, a studio and the bathroom and areas such as the living area or the dining room. The interior décor is simple and functional throughout. The dining room features a beautiful chandelier. Overall, the house is very beautiful, with just the right amount of color, sophisticated materials and simplicity of forms. It would make a lovely family home, a serious home where the owners would enjoy spending more time than the regular two-story houses.

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