Beautiful Luxury House By A.D.D. Concept + Prostructure

Mellia House is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is surrounded by plenty of green spaces. For this house, the emphasis is on the landscape and on the amazing views.

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The firm A.D.D. Concept + Prostructure, led by Mr. Guilherme P. Santos, designed the project and fabricated the architectural furniture, the landscape lighting and the patio furniture.

The garden is located at the back and gets a very close head-0nester view, but still plenty of green. That’s precisely why the living area was located on the ground floor; all main rooms and large balcony are perfectly built for this purpose. Come comes the hardest part of the project: the landscaping. There are some very special ones that we worked hard and honed our precious sport gardens. These are: three low profile, semicircular, vertical, and high profile. With these, the place gets a contemporary airy feel to it.

These five small potted plants are not only beautiful to look at from the outside, but they give the place a sense of lushness and relief.

The vertical design keeps place and form in mind and respects the environment a little bit. The horizontal design is meant to give the place privacy. And the high roof is another nice touch.

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All the lighting is LED, one of the most special ones out there. This is definitely a dream house for an aficionado. This particular spot is meant to be a meeting between friends, acquaintances and those who share false plans and thoughts. The spot has four on each surface, four slabs of concrete. Each platform is a platform on which a big box is placed. Thanks to this the house is sure to shed shadows and look and feel fresh and clean throughout the day depending on the surroundings.

The interior design is meant to return more to nature. The goal was to make it comfortable. There are numerous wooden floors, gray walls, large windows with folding glass doors, wooden floors and handmade furniture. This way there’s a sense of harmony and tranquility in every room.

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The kitchen is large, fully equipped, with minimalist furniture is light colors combined with simple lines. Cabinets are the originalobbies of the place and they are also the focal points of the living room. There, fireplaces with wooden furniture make every event near you pleasant. Fireplaces can also be seen in almost every room. Kitchen is small and basic. Its traffic lighting was preserved.{found on archdaily}.

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