Breezy Swedish Apartment Showcases How To Decorate An Apartment Through Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is not usually our first favorite influences. That’s not because it’s a super interesting style from a technical point of view but because it used to be very Sweden-based. In many ways it’s a perfect match. You can think of it as a hybrid between Scandinavian and traditional design features. Scandinavian apartments, for example, are bright and airy but also cozy and welcoming to those that don’t enjoy bright or vibrant colors or cozy and calm interiors.

Scandinavian-Style Apartments

The apartment has a total surface of 79 square meters organized on two floors. The one-bedroom unit occupies most of the floor space and the two-bathroom volume is the attic. To make things even more interesting, each room has a different style and a specific look. The living room sofa in particular stands out and has this chic mid-century modern vibe with this minimalist yet classic look.

The living room is defined a cubic volume with big windows and glass walls. This is also its very simple and airy-friendly interior design. The furniture used inside this space has designs and colors such as black and white with some funky touches. The fireplace makes the room feel even cozier.

The attic is tiny but, despite it’s limited space, it serves as a sort of extension for the living area. The staircase that connects the floors has a sculptural design and it’s really fun to look at. Those little brown shelves are the perfect place to place the TV and the bookcase.

The kitchen is small but practical and features an island with a custom concrete top. The island counter is very practical. It takes little space and it can also be very practical in the case of bedrooms where the counter is pretty much the same size as that of the windows. A stone backsplash is another great colorful accent feature.

NEW Scandinavian Style Apartment In Nida, Nida

The small but also stylish kitchen island with integrated table is the perfect mix. The contrasts are strong but seamless. The view is also quite beautiful and the built-in shelves give the whole arrangement a unique look.

The TV sits on a small platform but, because the design is not exactly difficult, it sits fairly close to the corner of the room. The bed has a platform-style headboard which doesn’t interfere with the minimalist wall unit. In fact, the platform helps the window nook feel cozy close to the room.

NEW Scandinavian Style Apartment

A similar design strategy was used for the rest of the room. the bed fits nicely under the large window and covers almost the entire room. It also serves as a divider, connecting the sleeping area and the nursery.

The way in which the architects managed to add height to the bathroom is an interesting detail. This little bathroom is tiny compared to the rest of the house. But overall, the space is cozy, tiny even, featuring a combination of open shelves, drawers and open cubbies.

In the case of the walk-in closet, the design strategies used to make it stand out are quite diverse. This design strategy allows the room to feel really airy, bright and open. The acrylic shelves can be opened with sliding doors. This maximizes the spaciousness and allows the whole space to look a lot more spacious.

In the case of the walk-in closet, the strategy in which the spaces are organized is a bit different than usual. This type of organization is usually best if the décor is not too specialized or defined by strong contrasts between colors, materials or finishes.

Then there’s also a distinct detail which makes a walk-in closet such a feature. This type of storage tends to be rather small and designed for compact homes. The lack of a large unit, in this case, is compensated for with clever storage systems and compartments that are not filled with boxes. A lot of different types of shelves are available and designed to suit particular types of spaces as well as individual types of shelves.

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