Casa en Brito – A Luxury Resort in the Caribbean

This impressive and eye-catching resort is a luxury island paradise resort located in Quinta da Patios, in the Caribbean. As a guest at the Brito Resort, you can choose from 76 rooms and suites along with opulent amenities. The island’s tourist, award-winning resort is an innovative way of spending your summer vacations. The bright lights and villas are some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful and luxury resorts. This luxury resort presents a luxury villa in addition to its amenities with direct access to the hotel’s teahouse. It can be rented as well as sent back to Patial for ultimate relaxation.


The villa offers a large infinity lap pool facing the sunset like a dramatic head-on view. Moreover, it also offers a large private beach, a golf course and, of course, a beautiful garden. What could be more relaxing than staying at one of these villas, admiring the landscape and enjoying life at the same time?

Rented to travelers, there are also two restaurants and a beautiful spa located on two villas. A deck of seats around the villa provides excellent relaxation spaces and a beautiful outdoor lounge for coffee and dining.

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All in all, the resort offers the perfect environment for intense summer temps and/or other activities that feature a perfect position to offer summer benefits. The villa, which is one of the most spectacular and private areas, is a quick to access near the beach and it also has a soothing interior design decorated surprisingly with handmade elements.

Casa Eduardo, Playa Larga

A private dining area offers both privacy and magnificent views. The villa’s terraces with big windows are facing the sea either north, south or west, allowing one to enjoy breakfast while also admiring the magnificent blue sky.

Casa En Brito – A Luxury Resort

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