Chic and Fun Family Box for Your Room

We all have things we want to throw somewhere during the day. It’s in our home, we gather stuff, we close off certain activities, we organize social events and, why not, remove some of it. And sometimes things don’t work their way into our hearts. For those who have an office and for those who just really like spending time in a simple but functional space, an office is the perfect place where to start your business. It doesn’t have to be very fancy. In fact, the most inexpensive one is made from wood and it doesn’t even need a lot of space.

Family Room Decorating Ideas

But did you know you can transform even a simple box into a functional work station? It’s a very simple concept. The three small drawers are perfect for storing all the office supplies or you can simply fit a small cork board under the desk, where you can place a laptop, a pencil, a printer and many other things. This way you save space and you get an extremely practical and functional work station, great for anyone who needs help organizing their office.

This is no actual implementation of the idea in terms of how we built this conceptual box, but it’s an exact result and it can apply to other offices as well. The result is an extremely functional work space with storage space for both supplies and papers. It’s not what was intended but it results from what is always done.

Easy Family Room Design Ideas

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