Chic Helsinki Apartment Displays Scandinavian Accent

Helsinki is a charming little apartment situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. It has a typical Nordic interior, featuring white walls and ceilings and an overall approach similar to that of a modern home. This style perfectly suits this apartment and the bigger picture.

Helsinki Apartment Displays Scandinavian Design At Its Finest

The apartment benefits from a wonderful location. It’s situated on the corner and has views of the city, revealing the benefits of such a design. The most striking is the Scandinavian interior that features white walls that have been combined with light-colored wooden floors.

Apartment Displays Scandinavian Accent

White walls and ceilings in Scandinavian apartments are mostly white although some of the interior has been emphasized with black accents and accessories. As for the interior, the white walls serve as a blank canvas for all the accent colors.

There are quite a few other accessories scattered throughout the apartment. The white walls tone down the cold and coldness of the white background and this makes this space feel very harmonious. The plants are also a great touch. They bring color and freshness into the décor. The suspended pendant light above the dining table is very beautiful and the white and black dining table chairs also add another contrasting detail.

Chic Scandinavian Living Rooms Ideas

The kitchen is mostly white. It has an induction cold-air conditioning and it’s been integrated into the kitchen shelves, one of which is decorated with the white and black vases. A small table and a small lamp are displayed here.

The rest of the apartment is also similarly colored, mostly based on color. The master bedroom is mostly white, with pale walls, light wooden floors and furniture in bold colors. The rest of the rooms feature a combination of white and black, the perfect balance.

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