A Scandinavian Chic Style 3 Bedroom Apartment For A Young Family

When it comes to Scandinavian decors, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect balance but, as it turns out, not every home is special in the sense that they all have the same characteristics. This apartment, for example, is simple but not lacking character. Although it’s not tiny but it’s also not boring either.

Located in Sweden, this apartment has a very chic and inviting interior. It’s a lovely combination of modern and classical details. The living room is part of an open floor plan which contains the kitchen, dining area and the bedroom. They all also have access to the balcony.

The color palette throughout the apartment is neutral and simple which allows the decor to gradually become more intriguing. The bedroom has a pretty transparent palette of colors and tones and the bathroom is the only room where the white color has been used as an accent color. The main spaces are decorated with soft shades of brown and white and are strategically spread throughout the rooms.

The kitchen is part of an open floor plan and yet manages to maintain its individuality. The black and white combo was used here in a very suggestive way. The living room has access to an outdoor lounge area and the space overlooks the courtyard. The architecture here was designed to stand out and to respond to the context and the activities surrounding it.

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