Apartment Displays Scandinavian Accent

Scandinavian influences are in full bloom, and the Nordic style is in full bloom too. No two Scandinavian living rooms are alike. The rooms are alike: gray and white and are used to tell a story, each piece of furniture is unique and evokes a unique atmosphere.

Reflecting Scandinavian elegance is the use of delicate birch pieces, which impart charm with an industrial feel. White walls, floors and ceilings are complemented by the coolness and transparency of the space, making this home ooze.

With its spaciousness, the apartment has been furnished to the utmost (outdoor room, patio, etc.) with sleek and elegant accessories, such as the pendant lights hanging low, the corner shelves, and the chairs.

This apartment is appealing indeed. It has an extremely simple design, and, in the same time, manages to be both elegant and inviting. We appreciate the fact that, in order to fully adopt this style, the apartment is highly- emphasized with a rich and warm textured area rug, stylishly accented by the sculpture-like collection of the living room.

A similar concept was used in the bedroom where the green color of the walls highlights the graphic accents. A similar concept is used here, but in a less striking way, as a gallery wall.The kitchen is smartly designed with sleek and simple modern appliances, such as the ap- cooktop, the range and the refrigerator. What’s more, the bedroom seems quite simple and functional. The bed is relatively simple as well, but what’s more is that it is extremely tasteful thanks to the tasteful combination of a sophisticate but simple decoration and a well-organized storage system.

There are also bold touches of color in the bedroom, such as the orange colored lamps, complemented by a white detailed wall with the necessary elegance for a bedroom, but also the red cushions, which give the space a refreshing yet elegant feel.

This apartment is highly illustrative for Scandinavian style as it combines elements of modernism with a very tasteful use of Scandinavian elements and parquet floors. Even the framed mirror in the living room reflects the style of the apartment and it’s a really great way of making the living room seem personalized.

The bedroom is really interesting as well. It’s a small but bright bedroom with a monochromatic pink area décor that gives it a dramatic allure. The use of pastel-colored wallpaper combined with the bold and bold bedding is really nice. The black and white artwork and the artwork displayed on the wall are really nice and they help create a classic and elegant balance.

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