Chic Scandinavian Living Rooms Ideas

Cländer is a Minnesota-based residential building company, offering a range of textile, wall and wall art ideas. sincere love for Scandinavian design, they have long been building and creating spaces that celebrate timeless pieces, appropriate furnishings of the Nordic style but not necessarily specific pieces by the Scandinavian design era.

When working on a living room’s design, it’s important to use maximum efficiency in its design, which fengshui is greatly inspired by, to best effect warm and abstractural and visual balance.

Far more than a style magazine or a popular magazine cover, fengshui’s influences influence on our interior decor choices has grown over time, and today’s interior style is anything but dated. Many elements of Scandinavian design are rooted in the traditional art and building culture of the Nordic countries, such as exposed wood beams in a historic building, cluster colored walls, and natural smooth finishes.

Regardless of the style you choose, embracing and implementing fengshui’s influence in your living room will likely fuel the interest for such decor elements in your home.

Mixing, overlapping, and flowing is also characteristic of Scandinavian style interiors. White walls and ceilings are warmed up with oiled natural oak beams, such as in the historic churches in the area, and matte wood floors.

A few bold pops of color, such as this white-and-dark tray ceiling, set off the dynamic décor. The juxtaposition of white and black in this space is beautiful and graphic.{found on niclelollman}.

A more conservative approach to decorating your living room includes plenty of white and black surfaces. This living room, however, warmed up by the pale walls and blonde wood panel, is both classic and hip, with plush textiles and beautiful black upholstery.{found on hansgrohearchitecture}.

A classic wooden rocking chair and a stunning chandelier make this living room sing with the presence of black. The rockinger is a focal point, the curved chair a great example of traditional Scandinavian design elements. And don’t forget the comfy sofa in black and white, which adds a modern touch to the room as well.

A simple side table made with bits (or any variety of wood piece of various sizes and colors) of driftwood, sandko (aka the woodbloss pine or birch tree) or chugged cloves is a great way to turn any driftwood piece (or various pieces of driftwood in the room) into a home decor piece.

Scandinavian masterpieces are almost always all about bringing in the potted plants into a Nordic space. In this case, the best option is to keep the ceiling beams low and to have the pot on the raised floor up high. Also, take care to coordinate the ceiling beams with other ornaments and decorations present on the floor.

Black is not a very common color in Scandinavian interior design but it does fit in well when used with black items. So use it with care in your most Scandinavian home or simply allow it to stand out by itself.

Another option is a color which is important in a small interior design and that also serves as a compliment in a large and bright space such as the bathroom. Also, black in Scandinavian interior design can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, you can use it on the walls as a wall covering or even as a seamless part of a mirror enclosure with different finishes.

Using a unique paint job on all the walls can be a good option if you want to add depth to the bathroom and to make it look more spacious and airy. Also, the black paint on the walls can reflect some of the light in an Asian context. And if you’re looking for more inspiration head over to lovelyflowersprings.

When white is the main color in pretty much everything in Scandinavian interiors, things are a little bit more difficult in the case of Scandinavian spaces. Usually you’d find an accent wall in a Nordic living room or a bedroom but what about the kitchen? Do remember to take care of all the details if you’re decorating it.

Isn’t it annoying to sometimes find a bunch of beautifully-balanced items in a space and then realize they’re not really functional? What if there’s nothing on the kitchen island? In that case a rather ingenious idea would be to make that room look a little more inviting? For that you’d need to find out how to craft the island.

We absolutely love Scandinavian kitchens. All these bright colors, clean and simple lines.

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