Coffee Table With a Cowhide Patina

We all know that light is very important so you can’t use all the light at the same time if you have a problem in the kitchen. However, sometimes it’s useful to be ingenious and come up with unexpected solutions for your problems. One of the most ingenious solutions is this coffee table. It’s a coffee table with a dark and intricate shape and this is always a good combination, especially in the kitchen.

Western Coffee Table With Cowhide Top

So, as you can see, this coffee table has found its name but it’s also a very detailed design. It has an interesting combination of materials: wood and metal and the result is stunning. The design of the coffee table is very simple, yet very striking. It has a very rich look, with dark finished and chromed legs. The table’s height is adjusted and varies according to the user’s height and needs to adapt to the body. It has been designed by Mauro Lipparini for Vision channel.

The design is focused more on the detail side and features an asymmetrical base and an undulating top almost like the elastic band of a quilted bathing fabric. It can be freely extended to form ottomans or footrests. The legs have zig zags that are very strong and are the same height as the top. This design would look splendid in a pub or in a teenager’s bathroom but it can also be used in a bedroom or in any other space that uses natural light.

Rustic Western Coffee Table With Cowhide Drawer & Leather Strips

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