Contemporary House in Brazil with Impressive Futuristic Design

Sitting on a hill outside of Sao Paolo, this beautiful house was a project completed by Vão, more exactly by proposes. The limit between the site and the innovative design of the house was that of a small site on stilts. The actual building is very contemporary and also features a lot of glass to allow panoramic views to the landscape. It’s a very airy residence, strategically maximizing the available space on the site.

Spectacular Modern House With Open Design And Adjacent Pool

Because of the small dimensions of the site, the house has 7.5 meters in length and 5 meters of height. The residence was built using simple materials such as reinforced concrete and glass. The concrete shell is basically an impression from the concrete taken from the surrounding landscape. The residence has an industrial look but doesn’t stand out visually. It blends into the surroundings beautifully and it seems like a natural part of the design. The glass walls further allow us to enjoy the views without any need for artificial light or when we want to change the atmosphere.

Innovative Modern Country House Sao Paulo That Will Make You Raise An  Eyebrow Trends In 2021

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