Cozy and Beautiful Summer House On a Flat Land

This beautiful and inviting house is located in a lovely area on a small stone platform. It covers an area of 2,200 square meters and it’s currently used by Rinpacher Lofts apartments. Rinpacher Lofts are one of the most popular rental structures in the Netherlands. This particular building serves as their base.

The Summer House Pergola

What’s nice about this particular building is that it serves as a wonderful place to enjoy nature and the beautiful surrounding landscape from as well. The materials used on such a building have been chosen to suit the site and to suit the owners’ lifestyle. The walls are covered with wood and a steel sheet used for the outer walls. This makes the house stand out certain while the wooden roof and floors are actually prefabricated and then sustain the walls.

Minimalist Stockholm Summer House

There’s also a nice contrast between the interior and exterior spaces. The wooden floors and façade are complemented by huge stone walls and archways that provide the house with fresh and beautiful contrasts that further make it even more beautiful. The interior is bright and has a modern décor. What’s particularly interesting and striking about this house is the combination of simple and the intriguing. The simple, almost unimportant elements with the no or additional decoration techniques and the dramatic cantilever make it stand out while the atmosphere is simply irresistible.

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