Cozy and Very Cleverly Organized Long Island Wine Cellar

When you have a home where you already feel open and where there’s already plenty of space left for different rooms, when you want to use all the free space available without obstructing the décor, the internal courtyard or the way you fit a typical home in the case of small houses, the only thing you have to take into consideration is space. It’s a very good choice in this case because the Long Island Wine Cellar, designed by Olson Kundig Architects can be a very clever and well organized space.

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The whole structure is built using FSC-certified wood which has been sustainably harvested. The wood has a nature-inspired design and was used for the roof and walls instead of painted or painted. The whole structure is made using timber logs collected from the site and put in moisture to be treated with the same characteristics as all the wood from the land. The whole building is just a beautiful and very well organized little box with a clever design and clever uses of space.

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The whole structure is quite small and measures 8? x 8?. It was built in 2010 so it’s basically just a small cozy structure. It has a breezy and airy look and it was also inspired by the landscape. The main goal for this project was to build a structure that offers a more intimate feel and that creates a nice transition between the interior and exterior areas. It’s like a mini-residence for both the owners and their guests. It’s a modest retreat for those that like to relax and enjoy life before the big event in the middle of the city. Inside, the entire building is functional and it consists of several large open spaces where the occupants can enjoy and take advantage of the natural light, fresh air and beautiful colors.

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Cleverly Organized Long Island Wine Cellar

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