Cozy villa in the mountains

My mother and dad live very sociable lives, even though when they do that sometimes only two or three people know what to do or what to do. For a parent they need the time to relax in a quiet and comfortable house or in a pleasant area, but for a child, the weekends and holidays need to be spent in weekends and holidays. Both my mother likes to go on holiday and play when she is home but more often she wants to spend time in a nice place, somewhere where she can see and enjoy the weather and the beauty of the outdoors. For example the villas or villa in the picture are definitely more attractive, intriguing, pleasant and cozy.

Cozy Villa In Beautiful Natural Park In Spain

This villa seems to me the model in this way. Here, the location is perfect and it definitely makes you want to enjoy its facilities. Located in the province of Caceres, this villa is an inviting and relaxing retreat offering spectacular views and spectacular views. It is a rare feeling to enjoy those views from an actual house. Another important aspect is to be able to do that under the direct involvement of the owner.

The villa is sold by Morado Real Estate International, one of Europe’s most important property developers. Sited at the dead-end of Chapeau Lake and surrounded by trees and vegetation, it is an amazing getaway that offers you great views over the lake and the surrounding landscape. The interior of the villa is very spacious. The front part occupies the ground floor and presents the main areas: living, dining, kitchen and a single bedroom with a bathroom. Directly located to the south of the villa’s dining area, the volume features a large glass window, which offers breathtaking views.

Modern Luxury Villa With Mountain View In Cape Town

A lot of attention was paid to the structural design of the villa. In the lower level, the load-bearing concrete walls provide the solid foundation for the entire building. All the masonry is in exterior walls made from white ceramic. Furthermore, the sloping roof covered with a dark plastered surface supports the entertaining area and gives it a dramatic look. A staircase leads to the 3rd floor, where the private rooms of the house are situated. We can find the master bedroom, which has a large walk-in closet and the study nook.

3 Bedroom Cozy Villa In The Mountains

In the ground floor all bedrooms face the private front room, designed as a sculpture area with wooden floors and abundant lighting. The illumination comes from lamps placed all over the walls and hanging from the ceiling. In the basement, the swimming pool is located to the north of the villa. At first floor were placed the guest bedrooms and the games room. At the ground floor, the space is turned into a family game room. This floor also houses the music room, a private yacht garage and a recreation room. On the first floor, the living area is located on the first terrace, where we’ll find a dining room with a wood-made kitchen, a family room with glass walls that look out over the port and the pool, as well as the winery and a gym.

Cozy Villa With Spectacular Views Of The Mountains

The wooden structure covers all the walls and ceiling. The floors are made of oak and made of pine, the walls are made of marble, mortise and more. To clean up the surfaces, there are no carpets or mud cloths used. The floors have special attention was given to the little details such as the door knobs, the tiles on the walls, the ceilings, the lamps, the desks, the carpets, blinds, blinds, tables, wardrobes, etc., to not damage their look.”

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