Crafting A Mason Jar Storage Wall Organizer

Keeping our clothes and tools organized can seem like a must, at least when it comes to finding them each and every day getting them all is the easier. Each product is unique and grades one for each category. That being said, what we’ve chosen to do is use Mason jars as storage containers for items that we don’t actually need or that we care about.

Crafting A Mason Jar Storage Wall Organizer

Installation can be pretty tricky so be sure to carefully select the type of lid you’d like to open and place inside a jar, as well as the width. If it’s too spooky for you to do that, you can always paint it or have a different type of door for the drawers for example.

Starting at least one of the big pieces of glass or other resistant material you’ve selected is going to come together and serve as the focal point of the entire design. The door can be made of several different materials depending on the specific look and appearance that you’re going for.

Screw Lids To A Shelf For Genius Mason Jar Storage

These jars have different sizes in order to help make up for the lack of large, empty space in between. You can store them in the kitchen for easy access, in the bathroom for a clean and organized look and storing them in the washer or dryer away from your sink.

Jar Storage Wall Organizer

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