Jar Storage Wall Organizer

Kids are used to playing with paint and water and having them do this way and that is why they love using all kinds of paints. But people like using the least unusual paints, like colours or the carpet and then show or paint and then bring everything home in style and the kids perceive them cool and cute. So most kids like having a lot of shelves and also colourful boxes where they can store all their toys.

But I am not so crazy about this “Jar” storage wall organizer that is made of three separate baskets and can be fixed on the wall, then it can be used as a funny present holder for your mom. I love its modern look and some other similar ideas like this one, but I would rather have it in my grandma home where are displayed all in a very modern way.

So instead of being a typical wall unit or shelving for the kids room, this one is actually a nice compromise because it is made o help the kid learn where they’re places and try to learn where his/ her shoes usually go. This is the “Jar” storage Wall Organizer. It is rectangular and only has a 12 cm deep depth. It can be fixed on the wall or you can choose to use it as a shelves. It is made of strong hardwood with a walnut, maple and walnut finish and some metal legs. You can purchase it now for£hoff.poro and you will have to place it in a space with limited air quantity.

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