Creative Barrel Lighting Fixtures by Minki Kim

There are lots of interesting light fixtures to choose from. People are constantly searching for creative designs, unique combinations of classical designs with modern features. Artist Minki Kim created this interesting ole lamp. Since it’s such an unusual item, most people would choose to leave it somewhere else. Nevertheless, with a look at the artistic process it’s a whole different story.

Stylish Designer’s Wooden Barrel Art Pendant Lights Lamps

The light fixture is made of ceramic and is handcrafted. It comes in three different sizes. There’s the large version, available as short as 21’’ H x 60’’ W, 21’’ W x 69’’ W x 52’’’ W, and 20’’H version. They are all available in white. You can also opt for more than just one light. This way, when you need one more light sources to cover bigger areas, you can simply turn on the light and everything will be ready, save time, and you’ll be able to go exactly where you’d need to be more easily.

Wine Barrel With 3 Lights

Not only that these fixtures are very interesting in design and in taste but they also seem to be great to work in. It’s very hard to concentrate in such a special area. Notice the artistic combination of colors and the minimalism. The pieces seem to be nothing but two different colors. It’s nice but it’s difficult to mix and keep in touch. I can’t say the answer I’ve got to say.

Whisky Barrel Light Fixtures

Wine Barrel Ring & Stave Light Fixture

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