Dimensions of This Contemporary Home Makeover from Federico Cairoli

A balance between the old and the new, traditional and modern, contemporary and contemporary and renovations over time, and contemporary mixed and interiors; this next renovation project in Yokohama, Japan makes a more astounding use of period pieces than one in a residence. Cairoli Associates altered some classic rooms from a ’60s duplex to a stunning private residence in this spectacular changeover. The old revamped dwelling still retained its cool, modern vibe but with a dashing overhaul.

Contemporary Home Makeover From Federico Cairoli

One of the magnificent structural problems was the homeowners’ desire to keep away from large windows and the curious proportion of the home. To shift the focus away from the dark front and the use of dark paint, wood was used in different forms in the dramatically angled project. This gives the home a different look for every different living space. There is still a delightful nostalgic charm added to the dark tone and smart recessed lights in the living area.

Dimensions Of This Contemporary Home Makeover From Federico Cairoli

The entrance hall, powder room and the office with a gorgeous wooden ceiling make up the new ground floor of the house. An open plan design also defines the upper level, which now contains the family zone, kitchen and dining area. The private spaces with a more sheltered side of the house seem open and airy, despite the use of wood.

Contemporary Home From Federico Cairoli

The interior is largely contemporary-neutral as the previous brick and dark woods were integrated into the design, and wood gives the stylish living room, dining area and kitchen an unassuming, elegant aura. Decor details are simple yet sophisticated, elegant with warmth of a strongly curated room. Wood and white feel comfortable, and smart solutions make the most of the period in the contemporary trends.

Home Makeover From Federico Cairoli

Not far from the pool is the secondary entrance to the home, enjoying the sound of the water flowing through the basins as it gently touches the floor. Elegant and fascinating, this Japanese inspired home is a showstopper.

Dimensions Of This Contemporary Home Makeover

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