DIY Wall Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder is a fairly simple DIY project which you can create in a few easy steps. For this to work, you need some jewelry or ribbons, a few hooks and a few hooks. In order to keep everything organized, first you’ll have to sand everything down before you start on the wall. Then just take the jewelry off and hang it on the hook. You’ll need a wood dowel to attach it to the wall once it’s all done.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Next, you’ll need to create a basic frame for the mirror or to create a simple shelf with hooks for sunglasses or for other small accessories. You can make the frame as big or as small as you want. This one is already long enough so all you have to do is add the hooks. Then nail the whole frame to the wall using nails and hooks. At the end, add the large shelf and the hooks.

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Let’s now move on and see what you need for this DIY project. This wall frame is perfect if you have a lot of bracelets you need to keep them stored. The actual pieces you display can be found at your local stores. You could make a heart-stamped frame like the ones featured on thekimsix. You’ll also need a picture frame and a picture canvas with a silhouette and two latex bookmarks. The key is to edit the steps to make sure the dimensions are right.

Wall Jewelry Organizer

A nice project to hang on the wall is this wood ladder hanging piece. To make it, you need a drill and a thick piece of wood. The steps are very simple. First you Drill a hole into the wood and thread the rope through it. Then you want to lacquage the ladder, add a knob and a ch hook and attach them to the wall. The instructions can be found on thekimsixfix.

DIY Wall Jewelry

Another ladder idea could be to use an embroidery hoop. First you cut around 35 cm long strips or 11cm wide. You then sew the ends of the string to hold the hoop together. You can give it a different shape if you want to. Once the hoop is done, select the technique and the finishing touches. It’s like using a puzzle. {found on makeit-loveit}.

An interesting suggestion we found on creatingreallyawesomefreances is to use terra-clamps. There’s a really nice tutorial that you can check out and which shows you how you can use these decorations to install shelving units or to create all sorts of interesting cubbies and displays. Use tape and hexagons and lines to come up with a design that you like. You can also use painters tape, foam brushes and other supplies to come up with a custom design. You can use some cardboard to cover the units. Check out the details on paperandfox.

Doesn’t this decorative wooden box look adorable? It’s a DIY Bookmark Hanging Shelf made from an unfinished wooden board? It definitely adds a bit of dynamism to the space around it and it’s something that you can add to a room in the future. The project starts with a plain wooden box and some basic supplies like two wooden dowels, a saw, a drill, five saw tools and nails. From there you just hang them on a nearby wall using some cord.

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Doesn’t this hanging chair look cute? It’s actually a really simple project which anyone can do it. You can make it if you want to build a wooden chair like this one from scratch. You’ll need a wooden chair, 3 wooden dowels, a drill and 30 beads. Apart from these items you’ll also need a saw, a drill and some spray paint. Make two concentric circles in the middle of the dowels and attach them to the edges of the seats. Use some cord of different colors for contrast. {found on johannarundel}.

Have you ever thought of making an egg chair? It wouldn’t be such a big deal actually. We’re actually crazy about such project because we love everything about it, including the three bunny-like features. The padded seat is a really chic touch. It’s perfect for outdoor spaces and the chair comes in five different colors including these bright yellow ones. Check them out on cottageandbungalow.

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