Elegant Duplex Apartment Interior by Polenwood

We have received photos featuring magnificent interior by Polenwood. This Duplex apartment is surely a work of art. The Duplex Apartment was designed by Centreharbor. It is located in a fashionable district of Madrid.The style of the apartment is contemporary. You cannot believe this is a duplex. Furthermore, because of the stunning contemporary design, the décor is extremely comfortable.

Scandinavian Duplex Apartment Interior

The decorations are very well chosen.There are some examples that tend to impress us but that tend to overwhelm the first thought. Well, there are some beautiful decorative elements that animate the whole décor. The columns, ceilings, doors, cabinets, furniture, all tend to be eye-catching.

For example, the dining room table is definitely intriguing and it’s obviously a multi-purpose piece. Then the living room walls have an amazing effect. Another eye-catching décor feature is represented by the glass walls that control the surrounding space. This area is an ideal combination of fun and peaceful.

As for the decorations, they can be seen throughout the apartment. The living room is very spacious and this makes it seem surprisingly airy. The furniture is minimalist and scarce, most of it being white or neutral shades. Nevertheless, the walls are white. This creates a very fresh contrast.


The decorations are all around the apartment being eye-catching but mostly decorative. The windows are large and they feature many decorative decorations. This apartment is one of those cases when the exterior architecture can make a big impact, even if it’s just a design issue. I really like the fact that the interior décor seems to be very clean and simple. The windows are clear and simple and they have simple glass frames. Overall, the duplex has an elegant look and it would be a safe choice in a small place.

Elegant Duplex Apartment Interior By Polenwood

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