Elephant Chair

We all have statues in our homes and chairs in our homes, round in the sides and in the corners. But whether you have kids or not, you must take into consideration the shape of a chair, the design or even the size of your table. I am referring to Toddler furniture, furniture designed by Barbara Kruger for Kruger this elephant chair is perfect for any kid. It is comfortable and cute and its design is cheerful and creative, coloured in a nice sunny yellow.

The elephant chair is supported by a small footstool that looks just like the middle table that you can see in the picture. It is also easy to use , so you can do the same thing with a small table larger or smaller, but for a bigger space. The tribute is added to this chair by G-Star stools and green yarn-wrapped plastic children’s chairs. If you like it, you can have it for $1,495 only on a limited lifetime supply.

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