Futuristic Minimalist Family Apartment

Most cultures work with the same traditional plan and same colors for the same purposes. But some are so used to this traditional plan they want to reinvent the whole concept of a family home. And the best example for that is this minimalist family apartment in Vienna, Austria. The apartment has very basic shapes on the outside : a cube with a futuristic design and some geometrical shapes on the inside, painted by hand from a dark color.

Futuristic Minimalist Family House

So the main color used for the design is this one, which is totally white. The kitchen and the living room are painted the same color, a nice and merry color tone. This way the room seems big and fresh even when the kitchen is full of people. The cube goes from the middle of the room, where there are the closets and the playroom, to the bedroom, which is also the only one in the apartment and it is decorated in white. The bathroom is definitely unique and seems huge and the stairs that lead to the second floor are very well arranged because , this is a family-home design.

Futuristic Minimalist Family House Design

The white cube is interrupted by some small rectangular pieces of broken wood, looking like “metal stars” and using the same technique as 15 years earlier. That moment is history, as architect’s imagination tells us.

Futuristic Minimalist Family House Ideas

Futuristic Minimalist Family House Exterior

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