Futuristic Minimalist Family House Exterior

Located in the outskirts of New Delhi, India, the MFi House is a very large building that was built on a non-faking modular rubber membrane technology. The rubber membrane allows the house to have a completely customized 2 x 2 shape even though the architects tried to incorporate as much material as possible from the monoco interior design.

The mono-style veranda of the MFi House is wrapped in translucent polystyrene and has a very close and unique relationship with the outdoors. The residence is actually a combination between a hotel and a residence for rent. It consists of two independent yet separate structures on different levels.

The entrance foyer is small and wiggles out at the rear of the house forming a small passage way which leads to the kitchen with its large entrance pantry. The kitchen is in the center of the house and it’s completely enveloped in greenery. This large opening establishes a strong indoor-outdoor connection and the house in general was designed around multilayered glass walls and windows.

The living space and the dining area are found on either side of the front and they’re linked by a timber spine. From the living space one can reach a unique grand view. The dining area features a tree that surrounds the table and the two spaces also benefit from lots of natural light coming through the large windows. Aligned concrete stairs are illuminated with skylights carefully and evenly lit by sculptural lighting units.

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