Futuristic Minimalist Family House Ideas

The initial idea for this project was to design a functional and futuristic house located in Giza – the most exclusive and beautiful high place in the European sphere.

Called Minimalist House for the first time, the minimalist three-storey family house is surely an exquisite place that will blow your mind already. Its modern architecture ensures the best use of space.

The main house has an area of 145 square meters, comprising three floors. The patio is the central element that usually creates space, connecting the house to the other rooms and practically dividing the first floor from the ground up.

Another unique and amazing element that makes the house special is the plot’s slope. It is not a very common feature, as we are usually whenever we design a structure, but the initial concept of the owner, who receives the sons and grandsons, is to combine five elements in a single building, which basically is the fence line. This way, each floor is different, and every environment has its own personality and charm, different from the other.

Imagine the flooring made of 5-inch trapeze perforated steel, the sliding system that can be operated automatically via a pulley and the bi-folding doors that can be easily opened. Each environment is different because here, on the ground floor, we can find everything we need to cooking, dining, kitchen, office, living and so on. When turned towards the landscape, we get to enjoy the view and not facing the back, enjoying the peace and the intimacy of the house.

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