Futuristic Minimalist Family House

A home can either be practical and incredibly stylish or too futuristic and completely disconnected from its theme. We’ve seen plenty of home designs so far and while they definitely have that somewhat quirk, the Minimalist House designed by i.house is a pretty special one, especially because of its overall design. The house is located in Soma, in Northern Italy and is entirely powered by a solar system, offering basic warmth and coziness during winter. During summer, the wind blows through the plants and cools the house as well. i.House is connected to the central fireplaces through a sleek, metal-reinforced concrete wall which collects the heat and converts it into heat during the day. In winter, the walls offer a cozy heating system.

The ground floor also functions as a welcoming area. The long corridor houses the kitchen and dining space, with one wall facing the fireplace and another wall entirely closed off to the surroundings. The first floor is the living and dining area. The kitchen is placed at the center of the house, where the three equally rooms areconnected on all sides. Although the walls here are mostly white, the flooring and also the furniture have strong touches of color which ties the space together. The overall look is angular, minimalist and modern.

The Minimalist House is operated by a simple L-shaped layout, following one of the long axis. The ground floor is mostly open space. The kitchen, the living room and the dining area share the space along with some degree of privacy. The living area is well-defined with white walls and wooden floors. There’s also a concrete floor that serves as an extra level and delimitates the functions of the zones. The mezzanine level is the sleeping area and is partially open to the main bedroom. The stairs that lead to the upper floor are suspended cords which allow the parent’s bed to be reached directly from practically from multiple sides of the room. The overall design of the house is simple and organic-shaped, with box-like voids that cantilever above the wide open space.

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