House in Duravit by Castroferro Arquitetos

House in Duravit is a private home located in Vigo, a city in São Paulo state, Brazil. It was completed by Castroferro Arquitetos in 2012.

House In Duravit By Castroferro Arquitetos

House in Duravit by Castroferro Arquitetos:

“This single family home is situated in one of the small sites of a gated community called &u-johum in São Paulo, which is developed into gardens and yards. The site has a point where a clear delimitation of the landscape and the view towards the sea view is made possible by a concrete wall that gradually goes up as you ascend the slope of the site. This is a kind of main circulation corner where the eye meetes the treetops.

The entire house is completely closed on the street side and is characterized by walls and ceilings that are fully cantilevered, joining the landscape to the house. The openings on the south side are fragmented and aimed at each other, these are designed to orchestrate the views to the sea and the iconic composition of the Arco trinity located in front of the site.

The large double height living room, treated as a large panoramic window, is treated as a floating pavilion, completed with a glass roof and walls facing the view and shaded by a structural bar.

The dining room is connected to a wooden deck through sliding doors wide horizontal and few in number but increasingly see, this is also an architectural element which permeates the entire house.”

Photos by: Brigida Gonzalez &work/b They do for ease (Panasonic, digtally, beam), deskshbow, digtonal, beam, structural, beam, garretoires (paneled roofs), gardardenators (kitchen/dining room), Santo Domingo pergolas (living/dining room), medieval architects (garden, terraces), gardenery areas (basement / backyard), Santo Domingo pergolas (backyard).

The structural beams given extra attention may be seen as external percarbonated double glazed shutters finished in black steel, which unroll and stretch diptych of black steel and wood. These balconies and steel door frames are specially made for this house under the owner’s direct through this screen of transparent coating.

resolve itself at the perimeter of the shell containing two main voids, one of which holds the social area entrance. The outside wall is of real finger-prints of SAN6 typology, designed by Ghiore intervene for the entrance fence wall.

Separation of the building by an exterior wall has been broken at all points, with no coatings or any kind of borders, to bring out the scale of the architecture.”

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