House In Duravit By Castroferro Arquitetos

São Paulo-based studio Castroferro Arquitetos has completed the House in Duravit project in 2008. This 3,660 square foot contemporary residence is located in the city of Duravit, in the state of São Paulo on a narrow coastal road.

House in Duravit by Castroferro Arquitetos:

“Located on aigatos, aan Serra do Aravit, this house is built on an irregularly shaped site with a privileged view over the bay. On the lower level, due to its orientation, it was possible to locate an air field that would provide privacy to the owners.

All spaces within the building are arranged on a single level that make up the structure of the space. Given the topography, the house has a visual and physical lightness, as do the ceilings and the walls. All openings facing the sea are covered with a light roofing over the landscape. Openings that operate with mobile panels provide a structural element that permits movement throughout the building and becomes a part of the character of the spaces.”

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