House in the Woods by AR Design Studio

Hobart house by AR Design Studio is located in NSW, Australia, and gives a new face to an existing Victorian terrace.

The Farmer’s House By AR Design Studio

The home is an improvement and restructure of an existing house, which has suffered a refurbishment to create a new and elegant setting, free of excessive decoration, which, however, does not create a sumptuous setting, but rather creates a quiet presence where you might want to relax or have some quiet.

The house is a collection of spaces that, however, relate to each other, and are all related to the idea of “living in the woods”. The new volumes and the old construction with a refined façade has been stripped out from the box and transformed into the old sauna, the box being what the old timber frame houses were.

Inside, the rooms and the existing spaces are combined, encouraging a feeling of modernity and elegance.

A spacious living room opens onto a wooden porch and, taking advantage of the wonderful location, the old fence obscures the view of the houses which form a front for this new “garden”.

Penmere House, AR Design Studio

The clients, a young couple with grown children, wanted a cottage-like atmosphere, but also an elegant, comfortable place which would meet all their desires.

As was the client’s request for this new house, the spaces are distributed throughout three floors. The ground floor is all connected with the garden, the upper levels are separated by delightful hallways, and the first floor houses the guest rooms. The main living room, the main furniture item, begins its circulation in the middle of the garden, having the use of a double sided fireplace and a chimney which seem to float on the granite plate that has climbed from the surface of the ground to become part of the structure’s form’s form’s form. This homogeneous distribution of spaces creates a dramatic feeling of openness and a warm feel.

The Black House By AR Design Studio

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