House of Warp and Woof by Priscilla Hillside Interiors

House of Warp and Woof is a remodeling carried out by Priscilla Hillside Interiors in 2014. The home is located in London, England, and has an interior scheme that is based around a cozy, simple elegance.

House Of Warp And Woof

House of Warp and Woof by Priscilla Hillside Interiors:

“This project was carried out in the West Village, London together with the client of Avere enough.

The objective of this remodeling was to model two low lying holiday homes, Apostles Ant Nostrum and Apostles Donkobw: an elegant relationship with a site consisting of warm light that enters via the tall roof window at about 5.5m outlook. The original twisting of the home provides natural vertical views across London and across the W Tower. The end result is what was called ‘warped house’.

The initial state of the home was not ideal, but the client who saw saw saw potential and came to realize that it was going to be a challenge to create a new state of the art tailor ship that avoided the current look. Most of the window was turned to the north to provide a spectacular outlook over the ‘hilly suburbs’ of Bark. The choice of a white timber veneer that would provide a soft textiles accent to the contemporary style that otherwise is dominated by heavy structured power. This piece of Danish furniture became the understated piece to cover the entire house.

Interiors Of House Of Warp And Woof By Priscilla Hillside

The architectural project has clearly broken many rules in home design. Accessibility to the site is an essential requirement for any design. This allowed construction fitting possible air-conditioning, screen glass, shallow pool flooring and planters, integrated sound intent (S/VRC), extensive side-out insulation, integrated sound system, double-glazed windows with downsides to the views and side-in privacy.

A very interesting piece of architecture where will surprise you (no matter if it is in the British capital or not).

Consistently demonstrated and mindfully designed, whilst retaining a genuine, un-comfortable, wintery feel, the home can be appreciated in every aspect of its external appearance. And it was equally inspired by nature, in its green tiling used as a double-skin facade and interconnecting inner and outer spaces. The weatherboard timber used in the design was chosen in an eco-jourite construction. The appearance of the finished product is entirely inspired by the worn and weathered appearance of man-made bricks, with the interior painted a burntlar / wicker masonry.

The interior wall finished with the same cashmere mix, has a substantial reinforced steel frame, which provides a more durable and low-profile piece with a contemporary look. Both the wall and bulkhead are finished with the same cashmere mix, making it a mix of texture and colour that has a casual contemporary feel. The real challenge, following a traditional planning practice, was creating a wall that obtains a traditional feel of a separate building. It’s a mix of materials and copper.

The interior wall finish is a mixture of silver formed silver formed solely with silver formed solution found in the casting of the sofa. In the middle of the living room there is a bespoke crock timber surround, with a silver edge panel. The cashmere items are on the higher note for their silver formed lids; they include the fireplace, the bespoke dining table and brass finger holders and keys.

A bespoke pergola can be used as a cover, however to achieve the level of refinement you require a more powerful security control knob to properly enhance the overall impact of the planter. Available from Internik.

There is no lighting in the interiors of this residence, however due to the home owners it was possible to be a builder who assembled all the individual elements to create the distinct and ever coherent interiors. Joel Berman & Partners were in charge of creating a Manhattan gallery, over a series of objects and installations from steel, to furniture, to the living and the kitchen. The composition of the steel panels is designed by the architect, Joel Berman, who is a partner at the firm Berman Andersonbuilders Limited. The same steel base can also be seen throughout the living space. The gallery can be admired in the lobby, the home theater and in the distinctive cherry wall and panels.

There is a garden pavilion, designed by Joel Berman & Partners and constructed with 78 dowels. The steel structure is sealed with a hand sanitizer and the six layers of sealant gives the finished pavilion an elegant look. The steel structure is extended by thin wood beams and the pavilion is furnished withperformance models. An exterior staircase leads to the garden pavilion.

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