How to add some color into a bland living room

When you live in an apartment and your goal is to create something positive in your home, trying to achieve a balance between a bright and colorful place and a relaxing and serene environment is not very achievable. However, there are ways. For example, the color of the walls, for example, can set a theme for the room but it can also be a nice color for the décor if the theme is soothing and relaxing. Also, you can choose a fresh and refreshing color palette based on balancing shades.

Inspiring Living Room Paint Ideas For Your Next Redesign

1. Texture

There are some elements that you want to include in the décor of a room such as for example they should feature texture. texture is great if you want to add some color and brightness to a room. It’s not hard to make them look nice and natural.

2. Different shades of the same color

The main idea when decorating a room involving colors is finding the shade that best suits your décor and then reconsidering it. For example, you could use green for the cabinets, light green for the shelves and earth brown for the dining chairs. The choice is yours. You could also choose a shade of blue for the walls and you could also paint the ceiling a shade of grey or vice versa. Also, there are numerous other colors to choose from.

3. An abstract design

At some point you could get your hands dirty and you’d like to create something unique and special so you might as well showcase it with the accessories you’ve chosen. Don’t let the color limit you. Opt for an abstract design and let it become one of the focal points of your room. The rug or for any other type of pattern should go smoothly with the rest of the décor.

Ways To Add Color To Your Living Room

4. Different types of rugs

If you want to create a different pattern without having to spend much time doing that, there’s a way to do it. One option is to use patterned wallpaper. It’s easy to install and it doesn’t require a lot of attention to details. Another option is using large pattern squares. They can be arranged in the pattern of your choice and arranged on different-sized walls to create eye-catching patterns.

The Top Living Room Color Ideas

5. Arrange your sofa cushions to create a pattern

Pair several different patterns and colors to create an eclectic and cozy décor. You can use cushions to cover an entire wall and to give the seats a nook/ corner by the window. Use pillows, blankets and all sorts of decorations to create the ambiance you want.

How To Use Neutral Colors Without Being Boring: A Room By Room Guide

6. Choose the lighting.

Lighting is important in every room. It doesn’t matter if the room is small and dark. Take some time to figure out the lighting you want for this space. If it suits the room and you like the pattern and the texture, the lighting would be a good choice. Of course, it’s best to ask an expert or a team at your own home what would you like or need.

How To Decorate A Neutral Living Room Design

7. Make a statement with velvet furniture.

The goal in this case is to make the room look luxurious. But, of course, this also means you have to include a sumptuous décor into the room. For example, if you decide to use velvet furniture, then the impact will be even greater. Opt for furniture with beautiful and soft velvet upholstery. This will create a welcoming atmosphere.

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