How To Use Neutral Colors Without Being Boring: A Room By Room Guide

Contemporary style is all about finding what works for you. Neutral colors suit homes, offices, and any other space that speaks to you – you want to incorporate colors that will improve your lifestyle. This is particularly true in a home that has a variety of styles and eras.

Black, white, polka dot, and mint green work together to create a room that is inviting, comfortable, and friendly. This room by the beautiful Sarah Lavoine Home exemplifies how to use a neutral color in a stylish and trendy way. If you don’t want to use a lot of color in a neutral space, simplicity is your favored style.

A sophisticated and subtle pairing with black would work fantastically in the bedroom. The pairing of dark edging in a black bed frame with plenty of white lighting (overprinting the dark edging in all the other rooms) is a soothing and soothing way to represent elegance.

It is not a rule that a neutral color should be all over. If you have a room that is equally neutral, but tends to lean more vintage or conservative in color, then eschewing a pair of red-y-red-green-infused reds is a wonderful way to introduce an element of vintage/antique coloring. This can be achieved in the form of solids to bring out some color into an otherwise monotonous room.

Red-based furnishings are generally extremely unique. The great thing about red is that it is such a deep red shade that it goes so well with black. Not only that red is passionate, but it is also long-lasting, so you can get the aesthetic out of any color, too. Muted red furnishings are recommended for bedrooms and guestrooms for the same reason.

Red accent furniture tends to be simple and minimalist. A long red desk that runs the length of the room is a great option.

Red can also be a great color choice for entryways, as the touch of color allows the home’s subdued color palette to become the center of attention in any entryway. Colors that subtly bring a chicer feeling to a space are also a nice idea for the entryway.

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