Neutral Living Room Ideas – Neutral Living Rooms

If you like having furniture pieces that are neutral in color and simplicity in proportions, then having a neutral living room might seem like a natural thing to choose. While it can feel a bit bland and unwelcoming, having a neutral living room will instantly help it to look professional, sleek, and chic. Today, we’re talking about a neutral living room, and not just any living room, however it may seem like.

The first neutral living room ideas basically let you go from boring to absolutely trendy, creating the perfect balance between the two aesthetics of living room decor. Keeping that in mind, mint walls and light fixtures are the best choices, as they help to temper the monochromatic theme.

Divide a Space

One idea that most of us have fallen in love with right off the bat is to divide up the living room space. It is a great idea no matter what the style of your living room is, as you can create a space that is only used by certain specific people. Take a look at some great examples below to see what we love going with how a monochromatic living room should look like.

Bright Walls

If you love a monochrome living room look, then bringing in a bright shade of color can be just the ticket.Hanging a brightly colored couch or sofa can really transform that space, creating a exciting contrast that is instantly inviting. Furthermore, it allows you to use the lighter colored wall for a bolder one without any issue.

Go with a Large, Usually Sunny Bed

At first glance, the large bright yellow couch or bed looks incredible, but it is much more makes you love it instead of not liking it. The bright yellow couch is the perfect way to bring brightness to a room without being too much or taking any wall space. Furthermore, the simple and chic way you can use a couch that is covered in pastel yellow is a great way to bring color into a room without overcrowding it.

Bold Patterns

If you are constantly surrounded by bold patterns, having a room with them, even gives you the perfect idea is a great way to use patterns without taking away from them. Add a pattern to your couch without taking away from your current couch and add a rug or a new accent color. Furthermore, it is the perfect way to delineate between your couch and colorful accent area without taking away from your décor.

Take it to the Sky

To make your living room feel as modern and unique as possible, add an accent opulent decorative element to it. The extra spark that you have adding a cool decorative element is exactly what the unique touch will bring. Take it seamlessly to the ceiling adding a simple pendant with no fuss.

Industrial Family

Is there anything quite as charming and impressive to live in certain walls? Whether that’s the industrial style wallpaper or the rustic touch that we have towards it. Add a simple row of metal elements to create that seamless blend between the two to bring that classic industrial look that you always wanted. Consider the perfect balance of masculine and feminine pieces to truly bring a cozy, homey feel to the space.

Industrial Entryway Walls

Entryways are usually quite small and dull rooms, not the spaces where you want that bit of edginess. Add a fun rug or some thick, thick walls to truly bring the space back to life and allow that old classic, industrial vibe become a part of your decor. Doing so will allow you to showcase your personality while still having that classic industrial feel which is what a lot of a industrial space needs.

Beach House Accents

When it comes to adding that touch of farmhouse, we recommend a beach house accent. Furthermore, the key is using simple hues that are traditional and will work with the space you already have. The key is using a beautiful blue hue that will bring you that fresh outdoor directly into your home.

Beach House Covered Patios

Does your home already have a yard or do you want to spend some time outside on the patio? If so, you want to use a color that is coastal. Having a pastel hue always adds to the fresh appeal of the space, especially if you want to use bits of beach.

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