Stylish Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Don’t you feel like home? Your home could use some minimalism. After all, its owners love beauty. So could you imagine living in such a dark space? Let’s take a look at some real-life ideas for a modern minimal décor.

A black wall in the living room can be a good idea. Contrasting with the rest of your furniture, black walls make your room look brighter and bigger.

A black accent wall can also be a good idea. Opt for furniture and decorations with straight lines and angles, for a touch of drama.

So, if you want to eliminate the starkness of black walls, then opt for furniture and decorations made of wood. Vertical lines are best here.

To create depth, break up the black furniture with thick vertical stripes.

Dark hardwood can be a great wall color, especially if it’s dark and plain. Round mirrors and wall art make it look funky and interesting.

A balanced décor allows you to use dark hardwood flooring and black furniture with light hardwood accents and black floors.

You can use soft, warm fabrics and black unfinished wood to create the desired ambiance and design for your living room. Choose matching pieces and create a sense of spaciousness throughout.

You can also but the idea is simple. Decorate the walls with large mirrors, preferably with windows. This way the light will be more visible and it will also create the right amount of light and shadow.

You can create depth and the illusion of space with the help of textures. Choose soft, fluffy fabrics for the living room to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and to emphasize the spaciousness. To brighten up the atmosphere you can also add the ceiling fan/backlight.

As far as ceiling colors go, the black option is one of the most impressive ones. It’s no wonder that this room is one of the best in the world.

opt for black flooring, accents and accent pieces to add drama and sophistication to a space. This one is the kind of room that goes to sleep when all the other light spots are dominated by white.

The contrast between black and white is the one that works out wonderfully in this scenario. On one hand the decor is simple and the few accent colors maintain a bright and open look throughout.

Red is a color that looks perfect when combined with gray. It’s a balanced combination, also featuring a few quirky accent pieces such as a bike rack here or a cute side table.

Keep the rest of the decor simple and neutral to create a harmonious ambiance and to complement the space with a few touch of color. The black kitchen island for example would be the perfect background.

If you want to take things a step further you can use geometrical trim to create interesting geometric patterns and designs. You can even create a symmetrical look by eliminating the round top.

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