The Top Living Room Color Ideas

We do know that Pantone Color Institute has just published its 2017 Color Guide for Living Room. So it’s no wonder that the latest addition to the color duo is the living room color scheme. Living room is a colorful space apart from the decorating. But adding character first and choosing the right shade also requires a bit of know-how when positioning the furniture in the living room. Whether you want to introduce your favorite color or you prefer a trending color to counter its presence in your home, we’ve got you covered.

Go with a Dramatic Wall

When most people think of wall art, they think of anything with a strong edge. But if you’re after a bold piece but want to keep the living room soft, neutral colors then it’s time to consider wallpaper. Dramatic wall coverings are on trend right now, not only are they visually impact worthy, but they’ll add interest to a space with otherwise neutral walls.

Add an Accent Wall

Speaking of color, there are many shades of blue at your disposal and you can play with one or even mix and match. The key is knowing which shade has a bigger impact on the room’s overall effect.

Add an Accent Wall

When it comes to color versatility, an accent wall can become a godsend when it comes to matching points of contrast when it comes to interior decor. Here we see a blue wall that has a warmer shade and a contrasting background. Organic brick walls and natural wood beams add an intricate and charming touch to the space.

Bright Lights Addition

Brick walls with great lighting can be just the ticket for creating an amazing space in your home. These unique metal modern pendant lights are a great example of how you can use bright lighting to liven up a dark corner, your kitchen, or your master bedroom.

Oversized Pendants

Oversized plates are yet another popular kitchen decorating idea. They come in different styles and materials, and for more modern or eclectic spaces you want to go with a more slouchy design. With this type of accent table you don’t need to worry about the room’s acoustics or the floor. The same thing goes for any other oversized plate.

Hideaway Hanging Lights

When we think of hanging lights, we don’t all dream of having big ones, or at least we aren’t inundated with them. Hanging lights are an ideal way to add texture and height to a room while being a simple lighting fixture to use in your dining room or above the kitchen counter.

Controlling LED Lighting

LEDs are getting pretty popular as well so the idea of controlling the light bulbs or having them illuminated at all times is not only practical, but technologically efficient as well.controlled LED lights can create a mood or an ambiance, depending on how they are installed. Some great LED lights can help transform your cloudy day into a shining day.

With the right LED light, even a long bulb can offer a great amount of convenience and can create a statement-making ambiance in your dining room.

Luxury LED lighting fixtures also make them particularly attractive and elegant. Made from durable metal, these shiny industrial accessories give them a sleek look that distinguishes luxury décor. Use them in any room of the house, including the dining room. They’ll certainly create a warm and inviting feeling.

Handmade and technological improvements have also been made to resemble natural elements and they have the added touch of style. LEDs come with their own set of pros and cons.

Are LED lights dimmable

Lights by switches. A switch. Pretty cool. LEDs take up energy and money so why not use them to control the level of lighting you want for a room? These latest out-of-the-box LED lightsmable commands are super clever. They allow you to control how far the lights can be pushed in, how long it can be before it starts fluttering, the sound and all the instructions you’ll ever need.

LED Wallpaper

For an eye-catcher that doesn’t really need a lot of technological improvements, LED wallpaper (the ‘wall version’).

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