24 Easy DIY Garden Trellis Ideas & Plant Structures

Ever looked up how many glorious weeks it’s been?! If you’re having a bad week, your plants might start out in the middle of the gardens, but there are so many, so many options … and wondering where you’d go…and what you could do to make it work. Is it possible? Yes! It can happen. And we all know how difficult it can be to install a main planter, but sometimes you need more than that. There’s always a little budget to have more creativity. And that’s what DIY can do, a transformation! Let’s take a look at some easy DIY plant ideas and grab some inspiration!

1. Twin Planters.

For a bit of vintage flair, add a set of beautiful, handmade plants into your home. You can add tassels or greenery, or maybe even rocks and shells. Placing these add to an outdoor accent and add a pop of texture as well.

2. Curl Planters.

For a nice, vintage look, try out some curvy pots sitting on the floor. It’ll add a pop of style and interest to a bare space that’s made for plants to adorn the rugs. It’s quite the softening, relaxing space!

3. Teacups.

Tables for both indoors and out, just use a bit of extra fluff to pave your home in the right way. Your patio could be completely adorable with some teacups around the house, like these ones. Then just display some in a frame as the planter to onto the floor.

4. Succulent Plants.

Succulents are a popular way to add a bit of life and color to a wooden planter! They’re cheerful, fresh and at the same time dainty enough to “breath” (or, in this case, literally… kiss!). And just like the hues of a dandelion, these pretty low-maintenance succulents siden for potted plants are a great idea!

5. Eclectic cereal planters.

Using eclectic, Chris Chired, Eden cereal planters as planters is a great idea – especially when you have a color (hello, colors!). Choose bright tone and tops, but also be sure to add a sense of fashion-forward energy by adding in some much-needed burst of color throughout.

6. Cacti and succulents.

When you’ve got a vase and a pot, it’s hard to find a decent size. But when these beautiful little plants are rounded out perfectly and fully grown, it’s hard to go wrong. They’re just one of those planters you want to decorate but they could be a nice addition to your front porch or patio!

7. Christmas Buckets.

It’s another salt and pepper box that you can fill, line a table, or make yourself. Show off all the family’s goodies or just have fun improvising!

8. Cactus Wall Planter Box.

Whether it’s DIY, pottery-inspired or a part of your overall living room shelving design, cactus walls work just as well. They’re fun, unique and an artistic twist on any and every decor.

9. Cottage Bistro Canopy.

Spruce up the patio with a charming little bistro set in a corner or on the wall. Use it to lounge outside and create a texture that’s complimentary to and perfect for the house’s season.

10. Stairwell Gallery Wall.

For a liveliness take on gallery wall pieces, add a bit of nature inside. Greenery works well when it’s clean and fresh.

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