Build A Chic And Easy DIY Garden Trellis

Looking to add some coastal style and tropical flair to your outdoor space? Check out this DIY garden trellis. It’ll add instant charm and a bohemian edge to your vegetable garden, both for the trim and the cress. I especially love how this DIY modern trellis turned out at my home and studio. I especially like how the trimmed cedar planks match the interest of the cedar boards, which then blend into the cedar tones of the trellis. If you want the DIY, there’s a tutorial on oureasyinspiration that shows you how to create a similar trellis design.


Step 1: Cut cedar boards to size if needed. If you cut them too small, you can trim them down to the size you need. You can make them smaller or longer as needed by stringing on a larger cedar planter in each half of the first plant pot.

Step 2: Trim excess cedar boards to the length you choose and secure them with nail heads.

Step 3: Create a hanging plant vase by placing water-related string through a hole at a height you want.

Step 4: Add a branch and a pretty slice of cedar to the top of the vase. Use a hot glue gun to attach one branch to the bottom of the planter. You’ll want about 3 whole plants to cover the branch, I want to fill in a few of the smallest ones that are suitable for nix.

Step 5: Add a tiny green plant and your plant is ready!

If you want to skip the nix factor and just get your plant small enough to keep in your closet, you could follow this tutorial to make a mini indoor garden. It doesn’t take much to make, it’s just different enough that you’d want to keep it.

You could also make your own planter out of a pallet. Here’s what you’ll need for that: a wooden pallet, sanding paper, stain, screws, a drill, and 2 or 3 inches of interior space. You’ll also have to make a little hole in the middle of the pallet and run your rope, fishing line or anything else that can help you hold the plant in place.

This little herb garden is so adorable I’d love it and I don’t even have to do it myself. You can use a wood wheel to get the measurements just right and you can then easily customize the garden with stencils and paint the whole thing. You could also make something cute out of cedar boxes or something like this.

I’ve seen many gorgeous galvanized containers that you can hang on barn doors and these ones are even more interesting. The wooden boxes are painted with metallic paint and they’re covered with plants. You can easily make something similar out of copper pipes and fittings.

The last galvanizing planter idea we’re going to show you today comes from simplyhometiprising and posted a similar design for a vintage mailbox. On one side of the box you have a pinwheel with a bunch of little flowers attached to it. The flowers are battery operated and spray painted and they don’t require much attention. You can spray paint them or you can decorate them with embroidery floss.

If you have a little more cash you might even find a way to recycle metal pipes or to use them to create useful items, like this beautiful magazine holder. The rack is made of galvanized pipes which are actually just connected two together and attached to the wall via pipes. But this magazine holder is actually made of recycled wood which makes it strong and cheap and also good looking at the same time.

Re-purposed items can be really useful if you want to save some money or if you simply want to make things from scratch new and interesting things that nobody ever sees. This rope coat hanger is a very good example in this sense. It’s very simple to make and has a nice rope texture. You can also choose to stain or to paint the unfinished metal pipes if you want to change their look a bit.

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