DIY Garden Trellises That Cost Less Than $20

Gardens are always lovely and a part of that concept we all share with our loved ones, the reason for that being a desire to give the blooms a shot while letting them settle into their pots and soil. But even with these growing needs, there’s still planting time. So how do you prepare your plants for that? There are a few tools that you’re going to find useful on your own that have the potential to help you add more space to your outdoor areas with doubles or trays. Or we can just consider them a step skip. These garden trellises will give you a step stone to help you add more space pots you can have.

1. Bookshelf trellises 2

These lovely bookbike trellises are made from an old book but they can still be used to plant vegetables, however we like to stick with simplicity. They’re simple to maintain and you won’t need much for this project. To make these garden trellises you’ll need two folding bookcases, two plastic plant pots, 16 zinc roofing screws, 4 tin herbs, glue, a wire cutter, a small rake and a saw. Once you’ve cut the bookcase enough, attach the back pieces using screws. It’s that simple!

2. Rubber plant stand

This is a simple and practical project that you can make for your balcony, deck or terrace. You’ll need a rubber plant stand that you can buy from a local store. Measure the base of the stand and decide how you’re going to put the plant hat on it after you’ve decided on the dimensions. Then decide how long it can go in between the stand so you can use it for planting or to protect the plants.

3. Stylish garden tent

Tent beds are very stylish and have a certain sophisticated look, but they’re not the only option. For example you could make a lovely garden tent. You’ll need some burlap, a circular wooden frame, a dowel, some rope, sealer and a sewing machine. This is an idea that comes from momtastic and we love the look.

4. Beautiful outdoor dining table

Here’s a beautiful and somewhat exotic-looking outdoor dining table that you can also use as a source of inspiration. If you want to make one just like the one featured on sugarandcloth you’ll need a table base, teacups, aluminum foil, paint, painter’s tape, twine and Klein Littlen’s Tris which they stained with EP. Check out the details of the project on instructables.

5. A summer house benefit

Another cool idea could be to make a lovely summer house benefit as well. For that you’ll need a big fence, a fence picketer, planters, screws, a drill, a saw, a ton of soil and a bunch of succulents or cacti. The bamboo planters featured on assorted-hunters are really chic and stylish and they can be made from a pretty tight manner.

6. A cute hedge

If you think every hedge is cute and adorable, you’d better call for a closer inspection. For example, how many little plants you can grow on a long fence is not only pretty efficient but also quite simple. You won’t spend much time learning this technique but it actually makes all the difference in your life. You might as well make it really useful. Check out Hawthorneandmain to find out how.

7. Succulent bookcase/ display

If you’re going to make your own planters just for your garden, you probably have a bunch of plants that need to be kept in high places so the best way to keep them at bay is if you build a horizontal planter box just like the one featured on instructables. You can remove the back piece and make a small shelf on which to keep the planters. Add some hooks and you’re ready to take it apart. If you’re using wood or plywood then you can take any old fence you might have.

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