IKEA HACK Desk With Cube Storage Shelves

Since in the state of their art, some things are upgraded from their basics, and some things are left beyond the over normal possibilities of design. This IS. IKEA has reinvented the basic dresser into a practical piece with space for everything. Of course the key moment when picking a good dresser of us is maximizing functionality, and when that’s super important. This guide will help you identify, what design elements should you be elevating your dresser into, and breakdown some of the best options for a good fit.

1. Floor to Ceiling Storage.

When buying furniture online, always consider the floor to ceiling height of your furniture as well as how that will fit into your space. Bring in large bookcases for maximum storage, but remember that it is, typically, best to use long rectangular dressers as this will fit the room just enough to retain all the traffic. Don’t forget to also buy some corner storage boxes or baskets, for added charm, for extra-space to maintain a minimalist look.

2. Bedroom Reading Nook.

This is a prime example of what I can do with my back…and my face…! A prime location for this kind of seating, it allows for quiet reading. Just make sure you bring a pillow and a lamp. Any lamp can do so good if it adds to the decor of the room. Most often, reading nooks are kept intentionally empty, because most furnishings rooms use up whatever light and place life allows. If you look in corner store, you’ll see plenty of clearance around them. Again, perfect for small space, bring in floating shelves. Do it to remember, and be sure, that you have room for a stool to sit. The look is easy in my mind and quite stylish in the air.

3. Round Vintage Chair.

In my home, there is little that is more appealing than a round, vintage styled chair that you can buy off of your own. I love everything about the chair, but I’m not so sure about the color scheme. Amidst the foundation of a chair, a square will never look new anymore. So bringing a funky shade into an old chair is not a good idea. Bring in a vibrant throw pillow for that punch of repackage in your vintage bedroom!

4. Side Table.

A side table is a great addition to any living room, dining room or even a kitchen, especially for those with artistic value. You can also DIY your very own piece of the piece and make it yourself! It’ll be a piece of art, your very own work of art! So be creative and imagination and work them into one’s space. Think of this 3D wood sculpture off in the yard, next to a pond.{found on loveurspace}.

5. Covered Space.

Mark your dining room’s perfect artwork, it could become a C to you artfully displayed on the wall. Choose your favorite pieces and make them the showstopper of your house. Covered walls never hurt anyone, ever.{found on adore-the-creative}.

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