How To Find the Right Style For Your Home Office

Each room has its own set of rules of function and décor. So should the décor just be a mix of styles? Is it really necessary to ignore these trends or are you trying to recreate them? If the answer is positive then you should have a look at the room. We have selected 5 of the most common and best use of color in home offices to inspire you.

33 Inspiring Industrial Style Home Offices That Sport Beautiful Workspaces


Classic décor is easy to spot in classic décor. It features a rich color, classic items and rich fabrics. Antique pieces tend to be overly paired with antique pieces but in the case of a classic décor you should use it evenly.


To create a formal and elegant décor using colors such as blue, green or red use color such as teal or purple. Spread the colors on the walls to make them pop. In the office it’s best to use the walls as much as possible.


The color of the walls also needs to be especially used in the office. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead, its best to have one or two desks with unique features and accessories. If you want a more dynamic décor you can opt for a pedestal table.

33 Inspiring Industrial Style Home Offices That Sport Beautiful Workspaces


Modern designs are usually more complex than traditional ones. The focus is on functionality and not any specific details. The attention to detail is crucial when creating a contemporary décor. For example, you can have a long desk without having to worry about things that might go wrong in the living room.

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Horizontal desktops.

The horizontal design is interesting enough to be unusual but difficult to achieve the 90 degree angle. But desktops aren’t the only things that can be combined in a décor. If you prefer a certain distribution you can use matching elements. For example, you can have a console table or two desks and a chair placed in between them.

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To make the décor stand out more you can use color. For example, a color such as white can completely change the look of a room, even if it has a dark lacquered frame or wooden accents. A contemporary desk can be done in any color you want.

Home Office: Working From Home In Style

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