How To Have Fun With Marble Contact Paper

Marble contact paper is extremely versatile and can be used in so many different types of spaces that it’s hard to define what exactly is a contact paper. Most of the time, this just means a shiny marble contact paper attached to a wooden frame. But there are ways to customize the design and to make the most of your own marble features. Let’s see what you’ll need for that…

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Before anything else, you should make sure your old coffee mug or tea towel holder is functioning and ready to display its contents. You can find a pretty detailed tutorial on thelovelydrawer. The things you’ll need in order to craft these wooden accessories are: an old t towel hanger (or two brass tacks) and a marble contact paper.

Marble contact paper is gorgeous and to show this you can also craft a set of matching bookends. You could even make them out of marble pipes. Follow the instructions on liagriffith for the best results.

EBuyers White Gray Marble Contact Paper 23.6″x118″ With Smoothing Tool And  Knife

Add a stylish touch to your home office desk: make a marble bookend or some other sort of storage unit using marble pipes and fittings. The whole point is to combine functionality with aesthetics and to give the unit a refined look. You can also come up with your own variations and customizing the accessories. For example, some of the pipes were specially designed for this project and they have an industrial feel. Check out the full tutorial on abeautifulmess to find out more about it.

Marble Table With Gold Legs And Trim

Because marble is so popular and loved by tons of little accessories and accessories, you can plenty of time keep your desk looking elegant and even elegant. However, finding a desk that’s too small, as this desk suggests, is not such a difficult task. To make the most of your small home office it would be a good idea to get a smaller home office organizer. You could make one using a couple of barboards, a few additional components, a table, a few chairs, some soft leather floor pillows and even some chicken wire!

You could also make this stylish dual office organizer by hand. First things first, get your supplies including an Ikea Kallax shelf (you can get it for only $20), a pair of scissors, a permanent rubber door knob, a glue gun and some rubber mounting screws. Once this part is done prepare your two thick strips of fabric and tape them to the shelf. Then get some rubber screws and roll the strips so they sit on an electric drill or a nail. Position them vertically and attach them to the shelf. Now place your two thick strips of fabric on top of the shelf, making sure they place evenly and, even upside down, they have a flat edge. Turn the shelf over, clamp it into one sturdy piece and make sure it is slightly smaller than the screw holes. Add another trim to make it look nice and smooth. You can do this for your desk if you like.

To make your home office more or less home office adopt a chic, modern, industrial style, you could recycle some of the pieces of furniture you already have and turn them into storage for all the office supplies and things you use for such a purpose. For example, you could have some wire mesh runners around the office and you could make shelves and other accessories out of wood pieces and metal pipes. This would give your home office a cozy and industrial ambiance.

Updating (and Childproofing) Our Secondhand Dining Table With Faux Marble  Contact Paper

One or even two shelves should be enough to set up a comfortable meditation area which, when one gets tired, breathes (as a general rule, it’s not ideal), get one more shelf on which to keep photos and other things or can just use a corner space for something else. As far as the layout goes, you could put a small desk in the corner, maybe even a chair. This one sits at the back of one of the floors, closer to the edge of the floor so it can accommodate a small planter or a little desk. The open floor plan is a good layout for this purpose.

One of the most common spaces where an office space is often overlooked is at the top of the staircase. That’s a pretty common spot for a work area but what if you don’t have one? You could an ingenious and ingenious way to hide a desk or some other piece of furniture under the stairs to save floor space or maybe to provide an extra storage area in a corner.

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